HRC Hunt Test 

AUGUST 3-4,  2019



HR Weaver's Sergeant of the Flyway SH


Rich Marsolek


GMPR HR CK's Jetta's Say Hey Kid SH (Mays)                                                   Cooperstown's the Franchise of Northstar (Brock)
                                                                                Justin VanDeHey
HR Cold Creek's Crash JH  "Crash"                                                  Cur-san's Brown Winchester "Winnie"
                                                               Sharon Potter


UH HRCH Just For Kix, "Kix"                                      HRCH Trouble On The Loose " Lucy"                          HR RicMar's Thunder Buster, " Thunder"

                                                                                                 All owned by Rick Garza



Thursday nights through the summer: Training at the Mead. Check our Facebook page for daily information.

Muddy Waters is an HRC Club.  For more information on HRC, click HERE 

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2019  Hunt Test August 3-4